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T.C. Flat bars and Rods for versatile use

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Tungsten carbide for wood and metal processing

We meet the striving for improved tool life and cost reduction through continuous improvement and development of our carbide grades. By using our carbide grades specially developed for your range of applications, you can improve the wear properties of your tools and reduce grinding and set-up costs on the one hand and substantially increase tool lifetime on the other.

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T.C. Saw Tips

T.C. Strobe Blanks

T.C. Bars

T.C. Strips

T.C. Inserts


For more than 40 years we are well-known as a powerful and reliable manufacturer of tungsten carbide products. T.C. Saw Tips, T.C. Inserts, T.C. Blanketts, as well as T.C. Bars for woodworking belong to our core business.

T.C. Saw Tips for the circular saw industry are our business. We supply you with all common tungsten carbide grades and offer an enormous range of wear-resistant grades such as WK01F, WK10M for soft and hard wood as well as our CN grades for chipboards, MDF up to HDF. Also benefit from the excellent wear resistance of Wilke carbide grades and therefore reduce your grinding and set-up costs.

We supply our T.C. Saw Tips as a full-range supplier in all standard dimensions and grades from our extensive stock range. We would be more than glad to supply you from our extensive stock soon, too.

In addition to our tungsten carbide standard products and drawing based special parts, we are also at your service for Silver Solder L-AG 49/CU, L-AG 4900, as well as for the matching Flux H-285, H-Spezial (brown) or H-Paste (white).


T.C. Bars and T.C. Rods


We offer you the complete program of carbide solid rods in length 330 mm or fixed length, with central or parallel as well as helical coolant holes with 30 or 40° pitch. With our standard quality WK40MG (10% Co) and above with all of our various special qualities, we cover the entire range of machining. Our program is completed by an extremely extensive stock of flat and square bars for brazed tools.

Benefit from our extensive stock of T.C. Rods and T.C. Bars and buy the most common dimensions immediately from our stock.



In addition to T.C. Plates, T.C. Pins or T.C. Inserts we are also able to produce drawing based special parts inexpensively and guarantee highest quality and first class service. We are always trying to meet the requirement for longer lifetime and the increased demands on the wear resistance of our products by developing new carbide grades for various applications.

By using our tungsten carbide products you can significantly extend the lifetime of your tools and therefore reduce set-up costs and downtimes. Our special carbide grades for the mining industry have proven themselves over many years. Convince yourself of our grades and our service.

Wear Parts


Surely you are under increasing pressure with your products to improve durability and reduce costs. We try to meet this requirement for longer durability by developing new and constantly improving our current carbide grades for wear protection. As a result, there could also be possibilities for improved wear resistance for your products or production machines by using tungsten carbide, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of your products or reduce the set-up costs of your machines.

Our delivery program includes T.C. Wear Parts such as T.C. Knives or T.C. Bars, etc. In addition to our well-known articles such as T.C. Plates and T.C. Parts according to drawing we also have a state-of-the-art hand shaping and grinding plant. Therefore we are also able to produce even small quantities inexpensive.

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