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Carbide for metalworking

Efficient, inexpensive and versatile

Do you manufacture tools such as drills for cutting and machining a wide variety of metals and other
materials? Here, carbide is considered a cost-effective alternative to expensive diamond tools and
offers much better performance than HSS (high-speed steel).
Convince yourself of the quality of our products as well as of our delivery reliability and the personal
service we can offer you.

Carbide Rods

We offer you the complete program of raw or h6 ground carbide round bars in the variants solid bar
in length 330 mm or as fixed lengths, with central, parallel as well as twisted coolant holes with 30°
or 40° pitch. With our standard grade WK40MG (10% Co) and many other special grades, we cover
the entire range of machining and cutting metal.

Hartmetall Flach und Rundstäbe
Carbide Flachstäbe gestapelt

Bars and square bars

We offer bars for machining metal in a standard length of 330 mm. In addition, our carbide bars are
available in rectangular design as well as in our grades WK10MG and WK20MG as standard.
Other grades and dimensions are available upon request from our sales staff.

Saw Tips for metalworking

For cutting metal we offer Saw Tips in almost all desired sizes in our standard grades WP28S, WP30S
or WP35S. The Saw Tips are also geometrically optimized for use in metalworking.

Metall Sägezähne mit blau
Mettall Rundstäbe klein und groß


Our program is completed by cermets. On request, we can also offer you products such as
Rods, Saw Tips, Plates or Bars in our Wilke-Cermet (WC) grades.

Carbide grade overview for metalworking

Sorte Korngröße Kobaltgehalt % Dichte g/cm³ Härte Biegebruchfestigkeit
WK10MG Submicron 6,5 14,85 1.810 93,1 2.800 PDF
WK15MG Submicron 8,0 14,65 1.685 92,4 3.000 PDF
WK20MG Submicron 10,0 14,45 1.580 91,8 3.800 PDF
WK40MG Submicron 10,0 14,45 1.580 91,8 3.800 PDF
WK03UF Ultrafine 3,0 15,15 2.090 94,3 2.600 PDF
WK05UF Ultrafine 4,5 15,0 2.130 94,8 3.700 PDF
WK08UF Ultrafine 8,0 14,6 1.830 93,2 3.300 PDF
WK12UF Ultrafine 12,0 14,15 1.640 92,2 4.000 PDF