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Carbide for woodworking

The right thing for every application

Are you a specialist in the field of woodworking? Carbide is considered a common material for
machining various types of wood and wood-based construction materials. High cutting speeds and long tool life are two strong arguments for the use of our carbide.
Hartmetall Wilke is your contact for carbide products. Our range offers you solutions for all areas of application. In our grade overview you can see which properties our carbide grades have. Take a look at our catalog and find the suitable carbide products for your requirements.

Saw Tips

Carbide saw tips for the circular saw industry are our business. Through constant development, we have been offering our customers the best quality coupled with meticulous planning and security of
supply for a long time.
We offer an enormous range of wear-resistant carbide grades such as WK01F, WK10M for softwood and hardwood as well as our CN grades for particleboard, MDF up to HDF boards. You can benefit from the excellent wear properties of Wilke carbide grades and reduce your grinding and setup costs.
We supply our saw tips as a full-range supplier in all common dimensions and grades from our rich stock assortment. We would also be pleased to serve you from our stock shortly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Special geometries such as carbide hollow tips are also available on request.

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Scrapers / Strobe Blanks

Our carbide Strobe Blanks are used, for example, brazed into the steel body of saw blades, to eject sawdust from the cut and thus enable smoother and cleaner sawing. Our standard grade for this application is WK20M, whose properties make it perfect for this type of requirement.
Strobe Blanks are available in standard length 310 mm as well as fixed lengths.


We offer bars for machining wood in a standard length of 310 mm. In addition, our carbide rods are available in rectangular design (WK), with one-sided angle of 30 ° (WKS), as well as with two-sided angles of 30° and 40° (WKSS). As standard, we offer our grades WK10M and WK20M in woodworking.
In addition, we can offer you solid carbide planer knives in our grade WK40F. Here our offer is completely designed for your needs by HSS (high-speed steel), carbide-tipped and solid carbide parts.

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Inserts and blanks

Convince yourself of our wide range of carbide inserts in various standard and special designs. The best way to get an exact overview is to take a look at our catalog or ask our sales staff.

Silver solder and flux

Silver solders and fluxes perfectly complement the Wilke carbide range for you as a tool manufacturer. Our silver brazing alloys and fluxes are optimally suited for brazing tungsten carbide- cobalt (carbide).
Current prices and delivery times for sandwich silver solder L-AG 49/CU, silver solder L-AG 4900 on coil as strip or wire, as well as for our range of fluxes are available from our sales staff.
We have summarized all product properties for you in our catalog under the heading Silver Solders and Fluxes.


Carbide grade overview for woodworking

Grade Grain size Cobaltcontent % Density g/cm³ Hardness Transverse rupture strenght
Data sheet
WK03SMG Ultrafine 3,0 15,15 2.060 94,2 3.000 PDF
WKCN3+ Ultrafine 3,0 15,15 2.090 94,3 2.600 PDF
WKCN3 Submicron 3,3 15,10 2.120 94,6 2.400 PDF
WKCN2 Submicron 3,3 15,20 2.120 94,6 2.400 PDF
WKCN10 Fine 4,5 14,95 1.790 93,0 3.000
WKCN1-Neo Submicron 4,8 14,95 2.030 94,1 2.400 PDF
WK01F Fine 6,5 14,8 1.650 92,0 2.200 PDF
WKCN8+ Submicron 4,2 15,2 1.885 93,4 2.300 PDF
WKCN8 Submicron 5,0 14,85 1.910 93,6 2.400 PDF
WK10M Medium 6,0 14,90 1.510 91,3 2.100 PDF
WK15M Medium 7,0 14,80 1.470 91,0 2.300 PDF
WK20M Medium 8,0 14,70 1.370 90,2 2.500 PDF
WK25M Medium 9,0 14,60 1.260 89,8 2.600 PDF
WK32M Coarse 10,0 14,45 1.140 87,8 2.800
WK40M Medium 12,0 14,30 1.240 88,8 2.800 PDF
WK40F Medium 11,5 14,35 1.300 89,5 2.600
WP28S Fine 12,0 11,90 1.550 91,6 2.500 PDF
WP30S Fine 12,0 11,40 1.550 91,6 2.200 PDF
WP35S Fine 12,0 11,40 1.550 91,6 2.200 PDF